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Electric Surgery Gurneys

UFSK International OSYS 


 Surgical  Stretcher, $2,500.00


UFSK International Model BL600XLE/ AL/ M ELB used tested with rechargeable batteries.


Eye Surgery Gurneys

 Hausted 800 Unicare III

EYE GURNEY $2,650.00 


Eye hospital gurney used refurbished Hausted 800 series Unicare III, new pad


 Midmark 547 SLS 

Eye Surgical Lounge Stretcher,  $2,650.00 

Ideal for  support and transporting patients before, during and after procedures.


Midmark 547 lounge stretcher used refurbished reupholstered in charcoal color

Overall lenght 78.75" x 29.5" wide. Hydraullic up and down 21.25" low to 31.25" hi


Stryker 1069 

Ophthalmology Eye Surgery Stretcher, $3,850.00



Stryker 1069 ophthalmology stretcher used refurbished


Stryker 1068

Eye Surgery Stretcher 

$2,150.00 manual head rest adjustment 

Please Call for availability


Stryker 1068 ophthalmology eye stretcher


Steris Hausted APC   ESC-EYE ST 

 Electric Stretcher $3,650.00 


Hausted ESC EYE ST Surgichair for ophthalmology, plastic surgery, ent and outpatient, used, tested in good working condition, weight capacity 300 lbs


Hausted Surgi

Eye Stretcher Series $2,850.00

Please call for availability 


Hausted Surgistretcher Series, used refurbished, new pad


Hausted APC 

 Stretcher $1,850.00 

Please call for availability 


APC Gurney refurbished with used pad


Hausted Horizon

Multi purpose stretcher $1,850.00 


Hausted Horizon stretcher used refurbished, new pad



Hausted GPS

Multi purpose stretcher $1,850.00 


Hill Room GPS gurney, original blue pad, and paint, used cleaned tested in good working condition


Hill Room Transtar 

Multi purpose stretcher $2,050.00 


Hill Room Transtar multi purpose gurney used refurbished new pad, goes up and down trendelenberg and reverse trendelenberg.


 Midmark 540

 Recovery Stretcher  with used pad $1,550.00

For new pad add $200.00

Lenght 83"  Width 29.5" Height adjustable 24" to 33"


Midmark 540 refurbished gurney


Midmark 530

Trauma Stretcher  with  new pad $1750.00


Midmark 530 refurbished gurney, trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg


Midmark 520

Stretcher  with  new pad $1750.00


Used refurbished hospital gurney Midmark 520 with new pad


Stryker 5050

Stretcher chair $2,450.00


Stryker 5050 gurney used refurbished new pad


Stryker 1015

Big Wheel Gurney  $2,450.00

Please call for availability 



Medical stretcher Stryker 1015 used refurbished original pad


Stryker 1501 

Gurney  $2,050.00



Stryker 1501 used refurbished hospital gurney


Stryker 1210 Renaissance Series

 Emergency care  gurney  $2,050.00


Stryker hospital gurney used refurbished model 1210


Stryker 1010 Renaissance Series

Emergency care  gurney

$2,050.00 with Hydraulic back

$1,650.00 with manual back

Please call for availability 


Refurbished Stryker stretcher gurney model 1010 with new pad.

Stryker 925-2 

Emergency Care gurney  $1,450.00



Stryker 925-2 refurbished gurney with new pad, trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg




Wy' East Medical

Total Lift Transfer Chair   $1,650.00



Total Lift II stretcher chair



Head, Neck, Eyes, Tapered Head Gurneys



Reliance refurbished Head and Neck Minor Surgery Gurneys. Recovered. Price $1,150.00


Ferno Illie Model 93 ES

Ambulance Gurneys, $950.00


Ferno Illie ambulance gurney 93ES used refurbished 2 man operation.


Ferno Illie Ferno Flex

Roll-in Chair Cot,  $950.00


Ferno Illie ambulance gurney Ferno Flex rool in chair cot, 400 lbs patient weight capacity used cleaned in good working condition

Ferno trac

Traction Splint, $50.00

Fernotrac Hare Type Traction Splint

Used, Price $50.00 ( does not includes ankle hitch )