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New and Refurbished Gurneys


New Pedigo Gurneys



Refurbished Gurneys


Electric Surgery Gurneys


UFSK International OSYS  BL600XLE/ AL/ M/ELB  Surgical  Stretcher $2,500.00



UFSK International Model BL600XLE/ AL/ M ELB used tested with rechargeable batteries.





Eye Surgery Gurneys


Hausted 800 Unicare III EYE GURNEY $2,450.00 



Eye hospital gurney used refurbished Hausted 800 series Unicare III, new pad




 Midmark 547 SLS  Eye Surgical Lounge Stretcher $2,450.00 

Ideal for  support and transporting  patients before, during and after ophthalmic ENT, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, emergency medicine and general surgery procedures.



Midmark 547 lounge stretcher used refurbished reupholstered in charcoal color

Overall lenght 78.75" x 29.5" wide. Hydraullic up and down 21.25" low to 31.25" hi




Stryker 1069  Ophthalmology Eye Surgery Stretcher  $3,850.00




Stryker 1069 ophthalmology stretcher used refurbished




Stryker 1068 Eye Surgery Stretcher  $2,150.00 manual head rest adjustment 

Call for availability


Stryker 1068 ophthalmology eye stretcher





Steris Hausted APC  series model ESC-EYE ST  Electric Stretcher $3,650.00 



Hausted ESC EYE ST Surgichair for ophthalmology, plastic surgery, ent and outpatient, used, tested in good working condition, weight capacity 300 lbs




Hausted Surgi Eye Stretcher Series $2,850.00 Call for availability 



Hausted Surgistretcher Series, used refurbished, new pad







Refurbished  Multipurpose Gurneys



Hausted APC  Stretcher $1,650.00  Call for availability


APC Gurney refurbished with used pad




Hausted Horizon Series Multi purpose stretcher $1,650.00 


Hausted Horizon stretcher used refurbished, new pad





Hausted GPS  Multi purpose stretcher $1,650.00 



Hill Room GPS gurney, original blue pad, and paint, used cleaned tested in good working condition





Hill Room Transtar  Multi purpose stretcher $1,850.00 



Hill Room Transtar multi purpose gurney used refurbished new pad, goes up and down trendelenberg and reverse trendelenberg.





 Midmark 540 Recovery Stretcher  with used pad $1,350.00 For new pad add $200.00

Lenght 83"  Width 29.5" Height adjustable 24" to 33"


Midmark 540 refurbished gurney



Midmark 530 Trauma Stretcher  with  new pad $1550.00



Midmark 530 refurbished gurney, trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg




Midmark 520  Stretcher  with  new pad $1550.00




Used refurbished hospital gurney Midmark 520 with new pad




Stryker 5050 Stretcher chair $2,450.00


Stryker 5050 gurney used refurbished new pad




Stryker 1015 Big Wheel Gurney  $1,850.00



Medical stretcher Stryker 1015 used refurbished original pad




Stryker 1501  Gurney  $1,850.00



Stryker 1501 used refurbished hospital gurney




Stryker 1210 Renaissance Series Emergency care  gurney  $1,850.00



Stryker hospital gurney used refurbished model 1210



Stryker 1010 Renaissance Series Emergency care  gurney $1,850.00

with hydraulic back  $1,450.00 with manual back



Used refurbished Stryker stretcher gurney model 1010 with new pad.


Pictured with hydraulic and manual back $1,450.00 with manual back  Call for availability



Stryker gurney with hydraulic back control.




Stryker 925-2  Emergency Care gurney  $1,250.00






Wy' East Medical Total Lift Transfer Chair   $1,650.00



Total Lift II stretcher chair




Ferno trac

Fernotrac Hare Type Traction Splint

Used, Price $50.00 ( does not includes ankle hitch )




Head, Neck, Eyes, Tapered Head Gurneys


Reliance  $950.00


Reliance refurbished Head and Neck Minor Surgery Gurneys. Recovered. Price $1,150.00



 Refurbished Ambulance  Gurneys




Ferno Illie Model 93 ES  $850.00




Ferno Illie ambulance gurney 93ES used refurbished 2 man operation.





Ferno Illie Ferno Flex Roll-in Chair Cot  $850.00



Ferno Illie ambulance gurney Ferno Flex rool in chair cot, 400 lbs patient weight capacity used cleaned in good working condition