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Conmed Sabre 180 ESU, Conmed 100 SES Smoke Evacuation System and cart

$2,250.00 (Refurbished)

 ConMed Sabre 180, CONMED 1000 SES, and Mobile Cart

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Midmark OMI 500 Crib

$850.00 (Used)

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Sorvall RT6000B Refrigerated Centrifuge

$1,000.00 (Refurbished) - without base

$1,500.00 (Refurbished) - with base

Shown with Olympic mobile base

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ICE Centra 7 Centrifuge

$500.00 (Refurbished)

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Reichert 820h Histostat Microtome

$750.00 (Never Used)

Disposable Blade Holder & Quick

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SKLAR Tonometer Sterilizer

$250.00 (Refurbished)

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Drager 2000 Meter Vaporizers   

  $1,350.00 (Never Used)

  $950.00 (Used)

Drager 2000 Meter Vaporizers Halothane

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Matrx Fraser RA Nitrus Oxygen System  

$1,050.00 (Refurbished)

Matrx Fraser RA Nitrus Oxygen System   Matrx Fraser RA Nitrus Oxygen System  

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Baxter Flo-Gard 6200 Infusion Pump

$500.00 (Refurbished)

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  Leisegang 7201 Smoke e vac Surgical Smoke Evacuator

$150.00 (Refurbished)

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Sentry Mark IV Stimulator

$350.00 (Refurbished)

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AMSCO 2080RC IA Surgical Table

$8,500.00  (Refurbished)   $6,500.00

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AMSCO 2080RC IA Surgical Table

C-Arm Compatible, includes remote control

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