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Physicians Scales and Height Measuring Devices



Detecto 439 Physicians Scale  Capacity 400 Lbs  Brochure 439 Scale


        Reg. $314.00  Special $255.00








New  PD300 DHR ProDoc Reg.Price $751.00 Special  $650.00


Detecto’s model PD300DHR features digital weight and height measurement for accurate calculation of Body Mass Index. Detecto’s time-saving digital height rod displays patient height quickly on the weight display. Simply step on the scale and touch one key to see your weight and one key to automatically calculate BMI.

The ProDoc™ series heavy-duty scales can weigh up to 480 lb/220 kg while providing you with the accuracy you require with 0.2 lb/0.1 kg increments. The LCD display provides easy-to-view 1-inch-high (25 mm) readouts






New  6127  Digital Waist Hi Physicians scale


 500 lbs capacity  Power source 6 AA batteries Reg. $506.00  Special $440.00  



500 lb x 0.2 lb / 225 kg x 0.1 kg
Platform: 10.75" W x 14.75" D / 27 cm W x 37.5 cm D
Display: Six-digit, seven-segment, 0.75" / 19 mm high LCD
Power: 6 “AA” size Alkaline, Ni-Cad or NiMH batteries (not included) OR an optional 100 to 240 VAC 50/60Hz 12 VDC 1A wall plug-in UL/CSA listed AC power supply (not included)
Keyboard: Membrane type with 5 keys and 4 directional arrows
Construction: Painted steel
Shipping Weight: 31 lb





New Model 450 Detecto Baby Scale

Special $425.00 List $642.00   Including ground shipping in the USA





  New Model 6745 

Digital Baby Scale  Reg 1,287.00  Special $1,125.00


Detecto 6745 baby digital scale, 30 lbs x 0.1 oz. Power source 6''C" batteries




 Model 450KL $285.00

Capacity 500 Lbs / 200 Kg  10 Year Limited Warranty











    Model 500KL Digital Beam Scale 

List $475.00  Special $400.00





Health o Meter digital medical scale model 500KL

LB / KG conversion,EMR Connectivity, Scale has the ability to interface with a computer, EMR software or other electronic device via various Health o meter® Professional Connectivity Solutions.

Built-in Height Rod ,the easy-to-use height rod provides height measurements from 30” to 84”/76cm - 214cm

Calculates Body Mass Index (BMI)

Scale functions include the ability to calculate the patient’s Body Mass Index (BMI). (2) Wheels for ease of movement, power source: 6 AA batteries included, optional 120V adapter (order # ADPT31),connectivity: USB, 2arranty: 2 Year Limit










    Model 499KL Digital  Scale 

EMR connectivity via USB and serial port  Capacity 500 Lbs / 220 Kg Resolution 0.2 lb/ 0.1 kg

6 AA batteries, optional ADPT31 adapter,    2 Year Limited Warranty

List $408.00 Special $365.00











  Model 553KL Digital Pediatric Scale

Regular  352.00  Special $295.00  

EMR connectivity via USB  Capacity 44 Lbs / 20 Kg  Tray size  25" x 137/8" x 2", 6 AA batteries, optional  ADPT 30 A/C adapter

2 Year  Limited Warranty 











    Health o Meter Model 1100KL Bariatric Digital Platform  Scale

Capacity 700 Lbs / 310 Kg Resolution 0.2 lb/ 0.1 kg

Lb/Kg conversion, Lb/Kg lock out, Body Mass Index BMI, platform size 22"wx 153/4" , 2 wheels, 120v adapter includes, 6 D cell batteries not included

EMR connectivity via USB and serial port  3 Year Limited Warranty 


List 1,782.00  Special  $1,450.00




Health o Meter digital bariatric scale, new













    Digital Scale Model 703 EMR

  Special  $515.00  Capacity  550 lbs/ 250 Kg    2 Year Warranty









    Physicians Mechanical Balance Scale Model 700 

$295.00   Capacity 500 Lbs     5 Year Warranty









   New Pediatric Digital Scale Model 334

44 Lbs. Capacity  A/C and D/C  Kg/ lbs switch over / BMF / Auto Hold / automatic switch -off

$325.00  400 A/C adapter add  $55.00







Mechanical physicians scales used calibrated pick up only $125.00







Detecto used physicians scale no height rod, calibrated in good working condition



 Antiques Scales

Fairbanks Cast Iron  calibrated painted  Price $350.00



Cast iron, painted, calibrated


Used Calibrated Baby Scales



Mechanical  Detecto  Baby Scale $150.00


Detecto model 250 used calibrated pediatric scale capacity 31 lbs.


Fairbanks used calibrated $125.00


Fairbank used refurbished baby scale



    Refurbished Olympic Smart Scale  $350.00



Olympic Smart scale used calibrated, new rechargeable batteries.


Scale-Tronicx Model  4800 $350.00


Tektronics Model 4800 5 gram accuracy 48 lbs capacity, AC power, used, calibrated, small damaged in the cover display, new rechargeable batteries.




Height Measuring Devices


    216 Accu Hite  $120.00



Seca 216 Accu Hite


    222 Full length aluminum stadiometer  $250.00



Seca 222 Telescopic wall mounted measuring rod with extra wide measuring slide available in inches or centimeters