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New and Used Smoke Evacuators



Cat 9006300  Smoke Evacuator  new  Special $1050.00 including shipping in the USA


Unit comes with one filter pack  and 3/8" tubbing to attach to specula fitted with a smoke removal tube. and  does not come with blue end tube as pictured.


Used Laser and Leep systems Smoke Evacuators




Leisegang Model 720136000 Evacuator System $450.00



Leisengang smoke evacuator model 720136000 used, cleaned tested in good working condition.



   Wallach Biovac Smoke Evacuator $550.00   


Wallach smoke evaucator model BioVac used, cleaned tested.


Stack House Smoke Evacuator $450.00

Stack House smoke evacuator, used, cleaned tested



Stack House Smoke Evacuator Micro Vac HTMV 1 Laser $450.00



Stack House Micro Vac HTMV1 Laser Smoke Evacuator System used in good working condition, new filter.