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New and Used Smoke Evacuators



Cat 9006300  Smoke Evacuator  new  Special $1050.00 including shipping in the USA


Unit comes with one filter pack  and 3/8" tubbing to attach to specula fitted with a smoke removal tube. and  does not come with blue end tube as pictured.


Used Laser and Leep systems Smoke Evacuators





Model 720136000 Evacuator System





Leisengang smoke evacuator model 720136000 used, cleaned tested in good working condition.




Wallach Biovac Smoke Evacuator




Wallach smoke evaucator model BioVac used, cleaned tested.



Stack House

Smoke Evacuator Micro Vac HTMV 1 Laser




Stack House Micro Vac HTMV1 Laser Smoke Evacuator System used in good working condition, new filter.