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Used Refurbished X Ray Equipment

Above photo are of GE AMX Series Mobiles

From time to time we do stock some x-ray equipment such as mobiles, small radiographic rooms, film processors, dental and chiropractic. You need to call us for availability and prices.


Mobile X Ray Unit GE AMX 4

Used, tested in good working condition 

Price with new batteries  $11,000.00  with old batteries  $9,000.00




Raytheon X Ray Unit


Raytheon RMS 325R X Ray unit refurbished. 300 MA 125 KV, 4 way float top table, tube stand, cables, transformer $ 7,500.00


Veterinary X Ray


Refurbished X Ray Veterinary Unit



X Cell Foot X Ray unit P 700 A/C   $3,650.00


X Cell Model P 700 A/C used, tested in good working condition


  Spring Special  $35,000.00



OEC 9600 C Arm

Refurbished excellent condition new batteries



OEC 9600 C Arm Unit with cardiac program refurbished


OEC 9600 C Arm unit with new batteries, used refurbished excellent condition



OEC 9600 C Arm system used refurbished, cardiac version with new batteries





Used X Ray Dark Room Misc...




X Ray Calipers used  $15.00


Used X Ray calipers



Long Black Light used $35.00





Safe Spot Light Used $35.00



Safe Spot light for x ray dark room used in good condition




AMS Bright  Spot illuminator $50.00  never used



75-watt incandescent bulb, foot switch this light was never used



Intensi Spot Light  $35.00



X Ray dark room light 75 watts bulb and footswitch used in good condition